Sunday, February 3, 2008

Nicknames for Noam Chomsky

[NOTE: If you have something better to be doing, you might want to move along. This is not one of my useful or insightful posts.]

This is part of an ongoing battle between myself and my linguistic superior, Hannah.
  • Choam Nomsky
  • Chommers in Charge
  • Chomalicious
  • Noam-ero Uno
  • The Roaming Noam
  • Chomfoolery
  • Chernoambyl
  • Chomp Suey
  • Hong-Chom Phooey
  • Long-Chom Silver's
  • International House of Chomcakes
  • GNU Gnoam 2.20
  • Chomskeroony
  • ThelNoamious Monk
  • Everlasting Chomstopper
  • The Blue-Collar Lingustics Tour featuring Jeff Foxchomsky and Chomsky the Cable Guy
  • ENoamuel Chomstein
  • Rikki-Tikki-Chomsky
  • Chomery Clinton
  • Barrack OChoma
  • Chom Edwards
  • Chom McCain
  • Mitt Chomney
  • Chom Knuth
  • Necronoamicon
  • H.P. Chomscraft
  • The Call of Cthulhomsky
  • Noamus Opperandi
  • Chubby Chomsker
  • Fats Chomino
  • The Human Genoam Project
  • Istanbul (Not ChomstantiNoample)
  • Chompernicus
Current score: Ray 32, Hannah 45

Hannah: As a wise man once said: "It is not enough to succeed, one's friends must also fail."
Ray: Who said that? Chomfucious?

P.S. I can see now that this will be a battle of truly astronoamical proportions!


Hamlet D'Arcy said...

Here is the quote you're looking for: "It is not enough to succeed. Others must fail." - Gore Vidal

Chommy Chommy Bang Bang?

I have no idea why I took the time to read this post.

Ray Myers said...

Well hamlet, I'm sorry that two people's inside joke caused you to waist five minutes of your life.

James McDermott said...

You pair of freaks :)

My favourites:

The Noam who Chomsky

The Human Genoam Project

xx said...